20. December 2023

Roundtable on skills shortages and part-time work

UF 9411 highres

On November 2nd, the first roundtable with selected HR experts took place on the topic of skills shortages and part-time work.

The shortage of qualified employees is putting organizations under increasing pressure to meet the demand for individualization and flexibility and to expand the range of qualified part-time positions.

Some thoughts from the roundtable:

💭 Flexible working hours also include adapting to different phases of life. This requires both cultural and organizational measures in equal measure.

💭Trust, openness and a departure from a culture of pure presence are crucial for the successful implementation of flexible forms of work.

💭 Part-time work and other flexible working time models such as compressed or extended working hours are tools to counter the shortage of skilled workers. They enable employees to better reconcile their private and professional obligations and personal needs.

💭 Part-time work brings with it the challenge of balancing the added value against the costs incurred. Increased employee motivation and productivity are offset by higher personnel costs and an increased need for coordination . Research results indicate that the added value achieved outweighs the expenses incurred.

💭 Selected solutions such as top or job sharing, in-house consulting or flexible working models can be implemented most effectively through decentralized management. This involves delegation to the teams concerned so that they can actively participate in scheduling, for example.

💡Our conclusion: Part-time work is already possible (to a limited extent) in many organizations, but the range of options and the degree of flexibility varies. The measures must be adapted to the individual organization and break through old patterns to show new possibilities.

If you would like to find out more about the shortage of skilled workers and part-time work or need support in this area, we look forward to hearing from you.

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