Target-group and customer surveys

Customer orientation and target-group analysis

Are you looking for an additional external perspective on your company, products or services? Would you like to know more about the satisfaction of your employees as internal customers of your services? Or are you interested in finding out how your advertising and communication materials are being received by your target group?

Customer satisfaction surveys are a valuable addition to employee surveys in that they provide direct feedback from your target group and offer an external perspective on your organisation's performance and service provision. New market requirements and the relevance of your offering can also be analysed more accurately in this way.

Surveys allow you to better understand the needs and expectations of your target group and increase their level of satisfaction. We support you in conducting a survey of your customers and help you to implement effective actions that optimise your marketing and sales strategies.

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Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of long-term business success. If you want to know what your customers value about your current business practices and where they see a need for optimisation, we recommend conducting a strategic survey of your target group. We work with you to create a bespoke survey you can use to obtain the information you need from your internal or external customers.

The CFS is intended for customers who have recently used your company’s services or products: Was the advice provided friendly and easy to understand? How do they rate the value for money they received? Did the customer feel understood, and would they recommend your company to others? In contrast to a conventional survey, which is carried out within a fixed time frame, this process takes place after each interaction or use of a service.

A course evaluation allows you to determine the level of satisfaction among course participants in terms of course content, organisation, instructors and other specific aspects. Ideally, the survey is conducted directly after a course or lesson. The results of the course evaluation serve as a basis for further development of the course, and enable future offerings to be tailored even better to participants’ needs.

The results of the stakeholder survey are used to develop a better understanding of stakeholder groups and include them in decision-making processes. This helps you to ensure successful cooperation between all parties involved. A survey of a specific target group can be carried out in the form of structured questionnaires, interviews or focus groups, with the content being defined individually in advance.

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